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Amenities at Hethwood Communities in Blacksburg, Virginia

Pool at Hethwood Amenities

At Hethwood Communities you will find amenities to suit every lifestyle. Enjoy swimming pools, walking trails, a fitness center, picnic areas, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, and much more! You won't find another community that compares to the value and luxury of Hethwood Communities.

The facilities shown below are for the use of all Hethwood Communities residents, but some must be reserved. Residents may reserve clubhouses by filling out a clubhouse rental contract at the Welcome Center during office hours. Checking to see if a Clubhouse is available when you want it is easy: Fill out our reservations request form.

High Speed Internet Access

Hethwood Communities offers high-speed Internet connections in all apartments. Connections are available in all bedrooms, living rooms and dens.


Clubhouse at Hethwood Amenities Hethwood Communities offers two clubhouses for our residents to reserve for social gatherings. The Huntsman clubhouse (left) is located off Hethwood Blvd., near the Welcome Center. The Huntsman clubhouse is elegantly decorated with a view overlooking one of our Junior Olympic size swimming pools (below).

The Briarwood clubhouse is located at the intersection of Heather Drive and Tall Oaks Drive. This clubhouse is a more casual setting, with tile flooring and rustic furniture.

Both of our clubhouses have full kitchen facilities and private restrooms. The maximum occupancy for each clubhouse is 75 persons. Each clubhouse has seating for approximately 20 people. Fill out our reservations request form.

Swimming pool at Hethwood Amenities

Swimming Pools

Take a dip in one of our two junior Olympic size swimming pools. The pools are open seasonally from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Pool hours vary throughout the season. Trained lifeguards are on site during pool hours.

Check our event calendar for special events such as adult swims and poolside barbeques.

Tennis Courts

Tennis court at Hethwood AmenitiesEight tennis courts are open year round for Hethwood Communities residents' use. Four of our tennis courts are lighted until 10:00 PM.

Check our monthly calendar for community tennis tournament dates.

Basketball Courts

Hethwood Communities offers three outdoor basketball courts.

The courts are open to all. Join in with other residents or bring a chair and catch the courtside action!

Volleyball Court at Hethwood Amenities

Volleyball Courts

Enjoy the summer playing volleyball at one of two sand volleyball courts. Kick your shoes off and dive in!

Gazeebo and Duck Pond at Hethwood Amenities

Gazeebo and Duck Pond

A serene setting awaits at our duck pond. Pack a lunch and a blanket and spend the day!

Stationary grills are open for our residents to use. Take a brisk walk on the walking trail around the duck pond or spend the day. There's something at the pond for everyone!

Fitness Center

Rain or shine the fitness center is open for you to get a complete workout! With a wide variety of exercise equipment, start with a warm up on a stationary bike, get a cardio work out on our treadmill and finish with body conditioning on our universal gym. If you enjoy lifting free weights our gym has all you need!

Enter the gym with your personal fitness center key Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM and Sunday from 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM.
Residents may obtain a fitness center key from the Welcome Center.

Biking/Walking/Running Trails

Biking, walking, and running trails at Hethwood AmenitiesPaths to our trails can be found at several locations throughout the community. Our most popular trail takes you around our duck pond on a two-mile walk to the Virginia Tech duck pond. Use the fitness stations along the walking trails to get a total work out.

Softball Field

Rally up a team and head to the softball field, located near our duck pond in a large open field. Enjoy the outdoors and some fun competition. There is plenty of open space for spectators as well!

Aerobics Room

Sign up for a variety of aerobics classes offered through the Hethwood Foundation at a discount to our residents. Low and High impact step aerobics are just two of the options that have been offered. Contact the Hethwood Foundation at 552-5252 for details on rates and class start dates.

Neighborhood Shopping and Banking

Hethwood Communities is convenient to all of your daily needs. The Hethwood Square shopping community contains a grocery store, tailor, dry cleaner, and hair salon. A community bank with 24 hour ATM where you can take care of all of your banking needs is nearby. Our community also offers two convenient stores. You will find all you need within walking distance at Hethwood Communities.