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Hethwood Apartment Homes Resident Reviews and Testimonials

Below are actual resident reviews submitted via
our resident survey form. Read what they had to say!

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"You made moving-in easy and less stressful, thank you!"

"I reported an issue with my thermostat on Thursday morning. I was thrilled to return home Thursday night to a new thermostat. Thank you, Mike Harris and Hethwood for continuing to provide excellent service!"

"Mike Harris (#8) was very friendly and professional. Excellent service provided."

"My service experiences have been uniformly excellent from the trivial (remove a hair clog in a drain) to major (replacing leaking hot water heater). Work has been competent and timely. I have been home for two repairs and the technician was very courteous and professional. I am very satisfied with maintenance of my apartment."

"They were willing to work with. They finished the job in a timely and were really nice. Apartment wall looked great afterwards"

"This is in regards to a light repaired in my apartment by Mike Harris #8. He did a wonderful job, and my kitchen feels much better with the new light."

"This review is for a carpet cleaning performed 02/08/2016. Brian and Eric did a wonderful job at our apartment."

"Chris, Cory, and Mike (who had come by twice earlier) were great! Keep up the great work guys!!"

"Service by its nature required more than one day--ceiling leak which had to be patched, spackled, and painted. Repair was performed quickly, neatly, and looks very professional."

"Thank you always for such a prompt response and excellent service for repair. The note was left by Derek noting the rubber on tub stopper was replaced. Many thanks! Much appreciated!"

"Phenomenal service. I informed the staff at the Welcome Center that there was a problem with the water heater (leak). The technician was there in minutes and replaced the water heater that day. Couldn't ask for more."

"Great response time! I emailed in the morning, and the work was done before I returned home from work. Thanks so much for the fast and efficient service."

"My service representative was Cory Davis and I want to commend his professionalism in conducting the repair in our apartment. We appreciate the work done."

"Mike Harris #8 visited my apartment for a preventive maintenance check on 10/27/15. During his check, he discovered that the ignition switch on my furnace did not work. He made the repair and left a card to let me know. I have not needed the heat yet and did not realize there was a problem. I am beyond thrilled that Mike discovered the problem and fixed it before I was even aware of it! Thank you for wonderful customer service! I very pleased with Mike and with Hethwood."

"A special Thank You to Terry Poff, Community Operations Manager and Melinda Danford, Property Manager for providing an accommodation for those of us with disabilities to park on the grass in a designated area while the parking lots were being resealed. Greatly Appreciated! Well Done!"

"Mike Harris was really nice, helpful, and did amazing work to the apartment."

"Charles is very friendly and approachable. He informed us of everything that he was going to be doing and how long it would take to complete the bathroom ceiling replacement. We are very satisfied with Charles' work!"

"The service team did an excellent job and were very informative the entire process."

"Mike Harris was our service technician and he was wonderful! We are new to the complex and one of our neighbors told us he was the best, and she was right. He is very personable, professional and efficient and we are extremely happy with the service he provided us with, we couldn't ask for a better technician!"

"My apartment had our carpets cleaned, and the service technicians, Debra Harvey and Brian Shaver, did a very good job. They were punctual and provided the service in a timely manner. In addition, they were polite and answered all the questions I had."

"So we meet again service survey for once again on a weekend an emergency transpired. To give some background.While trying to bake something in the oven the one of the heating elements blew leaving a loud sound, scared animals, a flashy view and a shooken up wife resulting in a 10 pm call to the emergency maintenance line. Luckily Derek was on top of it and willing to even come out that late at night! Crazy right? This man is dedicated and I appreciate it. Instead though I just had him come that morning in which he replaced the burnt element and just in case replaced the other one. I call that necessary preventive maintenance! Take notes here as thats important. Understanding by the situation that things were a bit uneasy with the oven trying to throw a fireworks show and replacing other parts to try and guarantee no problem is a good thing making happy wife that make happy life. So it is very important that we now make sure that everyone knows what a great and courteous job Derek has completed on a Saturay"

"Maintenance have been doing excellent work"

"Mike Ayers did an AMAZING job fixing my kitchen sink. Today was a Sunday and I know its never fun being on call but he was very polite and even laughed at some of my jokes (this is a big deal...my wife doesn't even do that half the time Haha). Anyway, the important part is that within an hour of calling on a Sunday afternoon Mike called me, came in, greeted me properly AND FIXED my problem of a stopped up kitchen sink. It was a great experience and crisis was averted. Please make sure that his supervisor and then their supervisor are notified of his hard work and people skills. Being able to do the job is one thing but doing it while handling a resident is another. A++ give this man some well-deserved recognition. Feel free to contact me for any other details surrounding this fix."

"I love living in the Foxridge Complex. It is the perfect place."

"We are very pleased with our accommodations at 900C Houndchase, Apt c; This is our second year and have no complaints. Thanks."

"By far the best place I have lived at in Blacksburg. The staff is always incredibly friendly. I would recommend Foxridge to anyone."

"Efficient job!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome snow removal! I know the maintenance team works really hard on that and they do a great job of promptly removing snow. I've lived in other places where this wasn't handled well at all. So, thank you! Your work is appreciated! (Especially on a Saturday!)"

"Mike Ayers (I am not sure on the spelling; he only wrote MA) helped me jump start my car when I did not dial for service. On February 20, between 8:15 am and 9:15 am, I was trying to jump start my car with my roommate. We were not able to jump start my car by ourselves. I saw Mike Ayers park in a parking spot near me, so I called him over to help. He gave advice on jump starting the car and said he could get a portable jump starter. Minutes later after more unsuccessful attempts, he comes back with the starter and helps me to successfully start my car."

"Debra Harvey and Brian Shaver were the ones that came and did our carpets. They were wonderful and did a great job! Friendly as well! They explained everything and answered all questions that I had and let me know that it wasn't harmful to my dog. They were very kind!! "

"Left maintenance request this morning. Mike Harris came out and did the repair on my toilet today. Appears to be working fine now. Great service."

"Excellent Service! "

"This was the carpet cleaning service. I was able to schedule a time that worked perfect for me. The technicians, Debra Harvey & Brian Shaver, were extremely friendly and did a great job!!"

"I have been a resident in Foxridge for a few years and I must say that both the service as well as the office teams always goes above and beyond to assist the residents with their questions and concerns"

"All good here. Have received excellent care and attention from the Maintenance Man Mike, a very amiable person, always so willing to help us if there is a need."

"I resided there from 2012-2014. I have to say that I have never been more pleased with apartment living than while I was there. Your commitment to excellence is well-appreciated. Keep up the great work. -Randy "

"Excellent services and maintenance!"

"The whole service was excellent, since the moment they replace the wall, to the painting. All the technicians were very friendly and they explained the entire process. They were very punctual and efficient. Thank you!"

"Mike Harris was very friendly and helpful!"

"Great service!"

"Mike Harris is an amazing service man for our building. Without fail he is able to promptly and efficiently complete any task in my apartment. In fact he always has a smile on his face when he does it! On top of that I have nothing but trust for him when I am not present for his repairs. An important thing to also note is that when I am here he is always courteous acting as a guest. Very professional. The last year has been great with him here and in the beginning when my apartment fell apart he was able to get it back together. Mike is great and I want him to be recognized for his service to not only me but his buildings and I am certain on his team here in Hethwood."

"This move was sudden for me, and not something I had planned or wanted. Chris and Desi(sorry, not sure how to spell her name)were very professional and caring when seeing how upset I was, and actually managed to make me smile and feel a little bit better about the turmoil in my personal life."

"Thank you for your quick response. The A/C is working well and correctly now!"

"We are very pleased with the Apt. Maintenance is very prompt indeed, and the Personnel are extremely polite and helpful. All in all, satisfaction is the name of the Game !!"

"I think the apartment does a nice job of trying to foster community and offer something for everyone."

Hethwood Apartment Homes

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