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Moving to Blacksburg, VA? These Tips Make it Easy and Fun!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hethwood, Blacksburg, VAMoving to a new place can be so overwhelming. There always seems to be that time when the furniture is moved in, the utilities are hooked up, the address changed and you sit back and go, “OK, I’m here…now what?”

Here are 10 things that will really help you become familiar with your new surroundings if you are moving to an apartment in Blacksburg, VA.

1. Take the 16 Blocks walking tour. It’s a great way to learn about the history of Blacksburg and get some exercise as well.

2. Sign up for the Blacksburg Citizens Institute. Offered once per year, this is a fantastic way to learn all about the various town departments, how the town operates and also the great amenities available.

3. Pick up copies of the Blacksburg and Montgomery County Parks and Rec guides. These can be found at the local libraries, town/county offices as well as the recreation venues themselves. There are many ongoing classes and activities; some of which provide insight into your new area.

4. Sign up for a Virginia Tech campus tour. They’re free and give you a great overview of the campus. While you may not be affiliated with the University, it is an integral part of our community and offers many benefits for town residents.

5. Go get a library card. We have a great library system in Montgomery County. The libraries are modern, spacious and rarely crowded. In addition, they offer e-books and even e-readers for check out.

Blacksburg Farmers Market6. Sign up for Blacksburg Alerts. This is a town-run notification system which keeps you updated on road closures, meetings, construction updates, and inclement weather. You can customize your account to receive only the alerts in which you are interested.

7. Follow DTBlacksburg on Twitter. Every day, they let us know about specials, events and news going on in our town.

8. If you have kids in the Montgomery County School System, sign up for Cafe Prepay, a system which lets you put funds into your students’ school meal account (no more bringing cash to school for lunch!). Also, make sure your school puts you on the email distribution list.

9. Become a supporter of The Lyric theater. For just $30 annually, you and your family can receive a 50% discount on all movie tickets plus advance registration privileges for special events. It’s also tax deductible!

10. Take your time. Things tend to move slower here than in many places. If you expect a fast pace, you will be let down, so just learn to take it easy and enjoy your new surroundings!

On a side note, there is also a group for new residents; the Blacksburg Newcomers Club.



Fun Things to Do this Fall Around Blacksburg, VA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hethwood, Blacksburg, VABlacksburg is located in the northern Blue Ridge Highlands region of Virginia. Home to Virginia's 2nd largest public university, Virginia Tech, residents can walk the campus and visit the popular Moss Arts Center, home to the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech. Galleries and performances will create a night of splendor when coupled with a leisurely stroll to Downtown Blacksburg to window shop. You can also tour Smithfield Plantation which was built in 1773 and was the home where Revolutionary War patriot William Preston and his wife, Susanna Smith Preston raised their twelve children. Enjoy beautiful vistas and the artisanal touch of this cultural crossroad and go to town!

Fall Festivals

Here are some events that those who live in apartments in Blacksburg, VA

Bristol - Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion is a three day music festival held annually in downtown Bristol. The festival showcases the past, present, and future of everything Appalachia, all held in the city that is known as the Birthplace of Country Music.

Richmond -The Richmond Folk Festival features more than 30 performing groups on seven live stages with continuous music and dance performances, along with a Virginia Folk life demonstration area, children's activities, a folk arts marketplace, regional and ethnic foods, and much more. Admission is free!

Norfolk - The Annual Town Point Virginia Wine Festival presented by AT&T, Hampton Roads' most anticipated Wine Festival of the fall season in Town Point Park along the Downtown Norfolk Waterfront. This fall festival favorite will showcase over 200 of Virginia's finest wine varieties and encapsulate the elegant flavor and flair of the region.

Weekends in October in Syria -Graves' Mountain Apple Harvest Festival - Come and see nature's way of blanketing the mountains with beautiful fall colors as you enjoy local food, bluegrass music, a hay maze, hayrides, and plenty of other fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Ferrum - Experience what life in the Blue Ridge is like, both now and in the past, at Ferrum College's Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, which celebrates western Virginia's folkways. The festival includes four music and storytelling stages, two dozen Blue Ridge foods, 50+ old-time crafts, and much more.

Urbanna - This is the 60th Anniversary of "The Official Oyster Festival of the Commonwealth!" - the Urbanna Oyster Festival. Come by BOAT or come by LAND because we have got everything oyster and more! The charming Town of Urbanna closes it's streets for this big celebration of oysters. This is where the Oyster Trail Began...

Charlottesville - The Virginia Film Festival has been celebrating the magic of the movies and inspiring audiences for over 28 years. Every autumn, the Festival showcases celebrated new features and documentaries, fresh perspectives on timeless classics, and local filmmakers from right here in Virginia.

Williamsburg – Don’t miss out on the 2017 Williamsburg Taste Festival. We invite you to EAT+DRINK+LEARN in Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, with 35+ culinary inspired events highlighting Virginia's Finest.

Richmond - Fire, Flour & Fork is a four-day culinary event, organized by Real Richmond Food Tours, celebrating the best the Richmond region has to offer: its complex history, its rich artistic community and its established and rising culinary stars.



Retire in Blacksburg, VA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Hethwood, Blacksburg, VAThe home of the Hokie Nation, Blacksburg is where Virginia Tech University comes to study and play in western Virginia. The scenery in the mountains is spectacular, and so are the recreation possibilities. Blacksburg is a great college town and an excellent place to retire. The population is growing, about 44,000 people live here. There are 2 shopping malls: the University Mall and the New River Valley Mall. There are more than 500 acres of parks, an aquatic center, and a Community Center.

What is special about Blacksburg

Best thing about Blacksburg is being the home of Virginia Tech University in the beautiful mountains of western Virginia. There is always something going on around campus and the town has the advantages of a college town. The Hokies are an especially proud university with tremendous success in the classroom and athletic fields. Blacksburg Electronic Village.

Who will like retirement in Blacksburg

People who want to live in a college town in Virginia will probably like it in Blacksburg. It offers a quiet lifestyle rather than a hectic one.


Blacksburg is in southwestern Virginia near the mountains. Winters can be chilly at times, summers are not as hot as other parts of Virginia.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

The Lyric Theatre and Armory Art Gallery are in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech provides cultural and sports entertainment for the town. There are also several festivals throughout the year, such as the International Street Fair & Parade and Steppin' Out.

For more information on apartments in Blacksburg, VA, contact Hethwood.



"Best State to Retire" - Virginia is on the List

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hethwood, Blacksburg, VAYou’re really going to do it. You worked your last day, you ate the cake and you decided to move to the best retirement spot in America. Next question: Where is that?

Bankrate looked at costs, weather, health care, crime, taxes, cultural amenities and a few other things important to seniors and have determined the best 10 places to retire.

Before you start packing, find out if you’ll need snowsuits or swimming suits.

Virginia is for lovers of affordable prices, communities where you can feel safe and relatively pleasant weather year-round. The fall foliage in the Shenandoah Valley is an annual treat, spring brings cherry blossoms, and in summer you can hit the state’s Atlantic beaches.

#6 Virginia Scores highest for:

  • Cost of living
  • Relatively low crime rates
  • Weather

For more information on apartments in Blacksburg, VA, contact Hethwood.



Buying a Home vs. Renting: Factors to Consider

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 25, 2017

Hethwood, Blacksburg, VAAs Millennials age and start families, many are compelled to own a home instead of rent, but this should not be an automatic response. There are a seemingly overwhelming number of variables at play in making an informed decision on renting versus buying.

Common factors that influence whether you should rent or buy include the length of time before your next move, the difference in cost per square foot between renting and owning comparable properties in your area, mortgage rates, access to credit, and the affordability of a down payment for a home purchase.

Of course, anticipated repairs and maintenance costs are a serious consideration. But there also are smaller factors that can wind up playing a large role in the decision to own a home. What are the neighbors like? Are there homeowners association fees? What has the crime rate been in the neighborhood?

First-time homebuyers often make the dangerous assumption that they will make money on their home when they eventually sell it. The reality is that after all of the costs of home ownership have been factored in, many homeowners do not make out like a bandit. Increasing property taxes are a big reason why. Before committing, always know the annual taxes for your nest, and do not assume that they will remain static.

When it comes to renting, other questions come up, including how often and by how much the rent will increase and whether there is a pet policy. How many parking spots are included in the lease? Proponents of home ownership say renting is like throwing money away, whereas renters will say they have more flexibility and financial independence. Renting often can give individuals an opportunity to live in an area where either they would not be able to afford a home purchase or they wouldn’t want to take on the maintenance required of older neighborhoods.

A soaring housing market the past few years has functioned as a double-edged sword – a good investment for those whose homes have appreciated in value and a barrier for those who cannot buy homes with skyrocketing values. One of the main reasons housing prices have climbed so rapidly is the limited supply of homes available for purchase. Since the recovery from the 2008 housing crisis, there has been a historically tight supply of homes available for purchase, including existing homes or new construction. This has left the homes available for sale priced at a premium. It’s a seller’s market.

Yes, home ownership is exciting and fulfilling, but it should be considered very seriously. It should never be entered into lightly. It can become a nightmare that wrecks your credit or hurts your relationship with your partner.

For more information on apartments in Blacksburg, VA contact Hethwood.



Blacksburg is a Great City in Virginia for Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 14, 2017

Hethwood Apartment , Blacksburg, VAWhen the time comes to pick a place to retire, you want to make it a good one. After all, retirement is the prize at the end of a lot of long years of hard work. So what are the factors that go into picking that magical place?

The perfect place will be a little different for everyone depending on finances, family and, of course, preferences. But for the most common factors – cost of living, safety, healthcare, activities and climate – Virginia comes out on top time and again.

BankRate.com, a financial analysis website, recently published their list of the 10 Best States for Retire, ranking Virginia as #5 in the nation. We did a little more digging to find out what particular cities and towns have been recognized as top spots…and here’s what we found. Keep in mind, these aren’t in any particular order as they have all been recognized by various organizations and publications, but not analyzed side-by-side.

Blacksburg - Forbes has named Blacksburg as the #1 place in the nation to retire. This quaint mountain town is home to Virginia Tech University and offers a cost of living 7% below the national average, plenty of activities and groups, affordable housing and low crime rates.

Whether you’re looking to be closer to the grandkids or just want a certain lifestyle, Virginia has more than enough options. If you’re retired, or thinking about retiring soon, and would like more information on apartments in Blacksburg, VA contact Hethwood.



Millennials Should Rent And Not Buy Their Home

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Hethwood, Blacksburg, VAHere is some insight into the home ownership issues Millennials face.

When one pulls out the calculator, and projects home price appreciation - home purchase makes sense. Home buying is a forced savings plan as part of the mortgage payments increase home equity. This works IF you have the coins to plop down the down payment - closing costs - and the home price appreciation occurs as expected. And going into retirement, social security goes much farther if you do not rent and own your home outright - especially if you have owned that home for a period of time and have relatively low tax rate.

Home ownership is a noose around your neck if one is required to move. Homes are close the hardest asset to sell. For Millennials, many are faced with a changing job market. How many times in their lifetime will Millennials change jobs because of robotics? And according to LinkedIn "Millennials are job-hopping more than previous generations" - 4 companies in 10 years after graduation. Is it smart to make a long term commitment (say home ownership) if your job changes requires moving to a new location?

Additionally, what goes UNSAID is the hidden costs of home ownership. From gobankingrates.com:

Buying a home is expensive - in fact, the average American home costs more than $360,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The cost of owning a home doesn’t end with your mortgage loan, however; you must add maintenance into your budget, which might cost you an additional $1,204 a month, or $14,448 annually. Those monthly costs can add up quickly - it might help you decide if buying a home is the right financial move.

For more information on renting apartments in Blacksburg, VA contact Hethwood.


The Unexpected Costs of Homeownership

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Hethwood Apartment Homes, Blacksburg, VA

The expense isn't limited to the mortgage payment

When evaluating whether it makes sense to buy a house or rent your home, you need to look at all the expenses that go into both choices.

When renting, the monthly rent check you write each month is pretty much the extent of your cost. It's different when you own a home.

Real estate marketplace Zillow has broken down the costs and estimates homeowners spend an average of $9,080 a year in extra expenses that go into owning and maintaining a home. However, a large portion of that goes into taxes and insurance, which are usually paid as part of the monthly mortgage payment.

The analysis shows homeowners pay $6,059 a year to cover taxes, insurance, and utilities. Most renters, however, also pay utilities separate from the monthly rent.

That leaves us with the money homeowners spend each year to maintain and improve their homes. The most common expenses, according to Zillow, are carpet cleaning, yard work, gutter cleaning, HVAC maintenance, house cleaning and pressure washing.

Regional labor costs

How much all of that costs will depend on labor costs where you live. Zillow found Seattle homeowners might have to pay as much as $4,052 a year on average to complete those six projects, but homeowners in San Antonio pay just $1,962 on average.

Determining how much a home will ultimately cost you each year and what you can afford is one of the most challenging aspects of home buying, especially for first-time buyers.

That's why the extra costs need to be factored into any homebuying decision. It's one thing to have enough cash to make the down payment, it's another to keep up and maintain the property.

And unless you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer, many home improvements are best left to professionals. Unless they are done properly, and to local building codes, they may not add the value to your home that you think they will.

For more information on apartments in Blacksburg, VA, contact Hethwood.



Should Millennials Rent or Own in Blacksburg, VA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hethwood, Blacksburg, VAThere are many great debates in American pop culture.

Tupac or Biggie? Boyz II Men or Dru Hill? LeBron or Jordan? Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

One of the most intriguing debates finding traction in the world of Millennials and finance is the debate of whether to buy a home or to continue renting.

The Great Recession

Upon my graduating from Syracuse University in 2010, I was welcomed into the working world during the heart of The Great Recession. Caused in large part due to a bubble in home values and irresponsible subprime loans, The Great Recession left a scar on the hearts and minds of Millennials over what it means to own a home.

Seeing the incredible loss of value in homes during that period and shouldering a collective $1.4 trillion dollars in student loan debt, many millennials are asking whether it’s responsible to sign-up for an immovable asset and 30-year mortgage tied to owning a home.

A Case for Renting

The Millennial generation is the “own nothing” generation. You can rent a car from the curb nearest you. You can hail a taxi using an app and get a ride to brunch in a car you do not own. I’ve heard there’s a website that allows you to rent tools from nearby neighbors. Even companies founded in more recent years are making strides to own less to reduce or eliminate overhead.

A shift has happened wherein Millennials are considerate of the fact that ownership implies liability, and liability often means added costs.

Renting an apartment or home offers you the benefit of not being responsible for breakdowns or repairs. Renting provides a fixed monthly cost to factor into your monthly budget that does not change based on repairs or failure of appliances. For many, this lack of long-term responsibility presents peace-of-mind in not having to be concerned about the long-term welfare of your living space. It also absolves you from the imperative of maintaining your living space for the sake of keeping and increasing its value.

For more information on apartments in Blacksburg, VA, contact Hethwood.


Excerpts: blavity.com

Best States Rankings: Virginia is #11!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hethwood Apartments, Blacksburg, VA#11 Virginia

Some states shine in health care. Some soar in education. Some excel in both – or in much more. The Best States ranking of U.S. states draws on thousands of data points to measure how well states are performing for their citizens. In addition to health care and education, the metrics take into account a state’s economy, the opportunity it offers people, its roads, bridges, internet and other infrastructure, its public safety and the integrity and health of state government.

More weight was accorded to some state measures than others, based on a survey of what matters most to people. Health care and education were weighted most heavily. Then came the opportunity states offer their citizens, their crime & corrections and infrastructure. State economies followed closely in weighting, followed by measures of government administration.

OVERALL RANK OUT OF 50: Virginia is #11

For more information on apartments in Blacksburg, VA contact Hethwood.


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