3 Ways to Break the Ice with New Neighbors

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3 Ways to Break the Ice with New Neighbors

Hethwood is thrilled to welcome new residents to our apartment community! We understand that this can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for you. We believe it’s how you live that matters and want to help you make the most of living at Hethwood. To get started on your new life here, here are some tips for breaking the ice and connecting with your new neighbors:  

Introduce Yourself: Don’t be shy, say hello and smile! Introducing yourself as the new face next door or down the hall gives you the chance to make further conversation with your new neighbors. They can serve as a great resource going forward!

Ask Questions: Now that you’ve met your neighbors, get to know them! Ask them about themselves and their favorite things to do in the Blacksburg area. You might have something in common! You can also ask questions about the apartment community itself if you need help knowing where to go.

Get Involved: A great way to meet not just your immediate neighbors, but other residents too, is to get involved in the community! Participating in resident socials, planned activities, and developing a regular routine, such as using the fitness center, can help you meet more people and ease your initial jitters.

Ask Staff Members: The knowledgeable team members at your apartment community are always happy to help! They’ll be familiar with other residents as well as the area and can make recommendations of who you should meet. There may be someone else that’s also new to the community!

We hope these tips help you get to know your neighbors and enjoy life to the fullest at Hethwood in Blacksburg!

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