Important Pool Safety Tips

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Important Pool Safety Tips

It’s the height of summer in Blacksburg! When the temperatures grow higher and higher, we can find many of our residents cooling off in the pool. To ensure that everyone is having fun while staying safe at the pool, Hethwood’s team members wanted to share important pool safety tips.  Check out their top recommendations:

Pool Rules: It’s necessary for everyone at the pool to follow the posted rules in the pool area. Prior to swimming, make sure to check the posted rules or find a Hethwood team member.

Pool Hours: Pool hours will vary throughout the summer – some days the pools may close early or stay open late for special events.  Make sure to check the posted pool hours or with your Hethwood team.

Swimming Lessons: Learning how to swim is valuable for children and swimming lessons are recommended to begin by age 4, according to the American Association of Pediatrics. It’s also just as valuable for adults to learn how to swim!

Children at the Pool: Young children should never be left unattended at the pool and should have constant supervision. Make sure to not swim alone and always swim with a buddy.

Guests: We love seeing our residents invite guests to Hethwood! Please remember to check the guest policies for the community prior to having friends and loved ones join you at the pool for fun in the sun.

Are you ready to cool off at the pool? At Hethwood, we believe it’s how you live that matters and hope these tips will help you safely enjoy summer at the pool. Happy swimming!

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