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Top Tips for Fall Fitness

The heat is breaking and we’re all settling back into our typical routines at school and work. This return to more consistent schedules is one reason that fall is a great time to commit to a fitness routine. Focusing on fall fitness can pay dividends through the rest of the year too. The good habits you…

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3 Tips for a Sizzlin’ Labor Day Bash

We love summer and can't believe it’s coming to an end soon. Don’t worry because you can still celebrate this sunny season with a Labor Day bash. At Hethwood, we believe it’s how you live that matters and love a good reason to bring people together to create lasting memories. If you’re thinking of hosting…

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Apartment Gardening Tips and Hacks

We love adding fresh ingredients to our meals and what’s even better is when you grew those ingredients yourself. Apartment gardening is exploding across the country because it allows residents to enjoy the perks of gardening on a smaller scale. Plus, there are few things better than fresh basil and cherry tomatoes from YOUR garden.…

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